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What can I help you with?

Pain Relief

Many people first walk in to the chiropractor's office due to pain.  It could be a newly sprained ankle, ongoing aches and pains related to life (such as sitting at a computer all day), or chronic pain due to a condition such as arthritis or fibromyalgia.  Although spinal health is a crucial part of a healthy body, in my practice I also deal with a multitude of muscle, joint and tissue related pain presentations.  I employe a variety of different muscle/soft tissue treatment techniques to help ease your pain, reduce inflammation and reduce or eliminate tension.  Check out my 'treatment methods' section on the website for further info.

Wellness Care

Chiropractic Wellness Care focuses on keeping your body functioning & moving properly.  Many patients pick a wellness treatment schedule that suits them to periodically check in and ensure that their spine is properly aligned, muscles are free of tension and ranges of motion are optimal.  You can start wellness care at any point in life, but it always starts with an assessment to ensure we assess every possible problem area within your body.  Some patients come in weekly while some may come in monthly.  As each individual and their needs are unique, so is their wellness care treatment schedule.  

Stress Relief

When someone is under chronic stress, muscles tense and contract.  Treatments such as adjusting the spine & muscle therapy can release the tension held in muscles, which relaxes the body and increases circulation of the blood. This action can help soothe the flight or fight response of the body, resulting in a more relaxed state of being.

Many of my patients lead a busy and often stressful life and seek chiropractic care with me to ease the physical symptoms of stress they experience.  These visits are tailored to your lifestyle and preference.  Some patients always include manual or instrument adjustments during these visits and others may just receive muscle work and/or other techniques such as cupping therapy.  The choice is entirely yours.

Post-Partum Care

​This is an an area of care I have a very special interest in.  As a mom, I know too well what changes your body goes through after you've experienced pregnancy. 

I have completed advanced training in prenatal and post partum care, and I love making new moms feel their best.  Too often life gets very busy after having a baby, and I can't tell you what a difference a little bit of self-care can do for you.  

Usually women with POST PARTUM SYNDROME present with some or all of the following:

  • Pain and tension across the shoulders, near the bra-line or between the shoulder blades

  • Neck stiffness, jaw pain, and/or headaches

  • Tingling, tightness, pain in the arms or hands and wrist pain

  • Low back pain and hip pain

  • Weakening (and possibly separation) of the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles

So if you've had a baby recently, or even a few years ago, come see me and let's see what we can do to make you feel, move and live better.

Lifestyle Care

No matter what your current lifestyle,  chiropractic can help ease your aches & pains, help restore your ranges of motion, and keep your spine and body moving at its best.  

Many of my patients describe themselves as keyboard warriors and weekend athletes, which often can lead to new injuries.  In these instances regular chiropractic care can often negate the effects of sporadic activity coupled with chronic sedentary work and keep you moving & doing what you love most.  

Posture Rehab

Your posture is the position of your body while standing, sitting or lying down. Optimal or ideal posture is the state of muscular and skeletal balance that positions the joints correctly to provide minimum stress on the body. Optimal posture protects your body against injury or progressive deformity.

Chiropractic Care can help improve postural imbalances by introducing proper joint motion in restricted areas, reducing muscular imbalances with soft tissue work, re-teaching proper posture with help of kinesiotape, and teaching you about proper ergonomics to avoid recurrence due to lifestyle factors.

It is never too late to start working on your posture, so if you want help in this area, book an assessment and we'll come up with a plan to help.

Dr Sana Robinson
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